Friday, November 21, 2008

Preston Bailey in Birmingham

Preston Bailey in Birmingham, Alabama. This past September, Preston Bailey, event planner and floral designer to the stars, ( Donald Trump, Katie & Tom, Liza Minnelli, and Melissa Rivers) to name a few) visited Birmingham and I was lucky enough to be a part of it.

He gave amazing tips and told of hilarious stories with his star clients. The flowers were all inspired by his signature style.

His set including flowers dripping from wooden frames and 6-10 foot structures. How beautiful would the above scene be for a ceremony. I can picture the bride and groom standing in front of the officiant under the floral frame. What a stunning picture that would make!

This table scape was made from vibrant oranges and pinks. The pattern of over sized polka dots added a contemporary, preppy feel. It may not translate in the photograph, but the table is square and sits higher than a typical table. The chairs are also higher than a typical chivari chair and makes the guests feel as if they are sitting more "bar height." I loved the innovation!

Just classic! You can't ever go wrong with a mass of cream roses and chunky pillar candles! Notice how the event lighting makes the arrangement look like it's a glow. Lighting makes ALL the difference!

Again, a more contemporary black, silver and white overlay with over sized polka dots!

Again, just a classic Preston Bailey table scape. I LOVE the lighting!

Here's a close-up of the glass vase. He has strung glass beads and roses and submersed them under the water to add more conversation to this already stunning arrangement.

These pictures were taken during Preston's slide show of past events. This was a Cinderella inspired carriage he made from flowers for the ceremony backdrop.
Without the story... you can't appreciate the magnitude of what this picture shows. Before Preston put his magical touch on this event space, it was just an empty warehouse. The bride wanted her guests to experience walking through a church door. So he created this entrance, inside the warehouse. This was a 3-D backdrop that hung from the ceiling. Unreal!!!
Preston created these outdoor whimsical trees from ribbon, thousands and thousands of ribbon cuttings. When someone asked him if there was a specific type of ribbon he suggested, he responded... "the cheapest I could find!"
You can visit Preston's website and blog below and see more about his fabulous stylings at: